Best Alternative Android Play Stores

One of the advantages of the Android operating system is definitely the freedom to customize your device and perform operations otherwise unthinkable on other devices. In particular, check Techy2Tech as regards mobile applications, on the made by Google ecosystem it is also possible to install alternative markets to the Play Store.

Alternatives to Google Play Store

Although Big G remains the reference store for software on Android, and the installation of non-certified tools and apps could damage your smartphone, it may sometimes be useful to rely on different solutions. So let’s see what are the best alternatives to the Android Play Store.

Play Store Alternatives: Risks and Security

One of the most debated issues about the security of Android devices is that which refers to the installation of software of unknown origins. This operation is in fact disabled as standard on Google devices, but it is still possible to activate it in the settings.

Certainly, it is not difficult nowadays to download apps from sources outside the Play Store, perhaps searching for the related apk from the most popular search engines. The problem is that not all sites or services are safe, while others are much more reliable.

Having said that, of course, it is always better to rely on the official Google store, the markets that I am about to offer you are generally among the most renowned and reliable ones, with which there is less risk of downloading infected files.

Best alternatives to the Play Store

So explain what are the risks and security of external Android stores, the time has come to show you the best alternatives to the Play Store.

We would like to point out that does not encourage the download of counterfeit apps nor does it assume any responsibility for any privacy issues or damage to any device.

Amazon App Store

Amazon is not only an e-commerce giant, but a real ecosystem also made up of its own devices and services of different kinds.

Google Play Alternatives

Among these is the Amazon App Store, or the market developed by the Bezos giant that allows you to download applications of all kinds. Given the reliability of the brand, this store is certainly among the safest ones and also provides an excellent system of updates.


One of the most popular Android alternative stores is definitely Aptoide. It is one of the best-known sources from which to download any app, and then install it on our devices. If you want further clarification, I refer you to the specific article on what Aptoide is and how it works.


Another market to consider is certainly Fdroid. The feature of this store is that it contains almost exclusively free and open-source applications, thus giving great prominence to young developers.

You will therefore not find the most famous apps, but certainly many very useful tools for daily operations on your smartphone.


A very similar alternative to Aptoide is ApkPure. It is a very complete store, where you can find applications of all kinds; it should be emphasized the care of the interface that shows the apps in various categories and rankings, in order to highlight the most valuable ones.


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