Best Online Survey Apps in 2021

Do we have Chinese, pizza, kebab or sushi for dinner? What movie will we see tonight? What do we give Fulanito for his birthday? They are common questions in WhatsApp groups. Families, friends, coworkers or, why not, parents from your children’s school. In the groups’ doubts arise and, to obtain answers, the survey is very practical.

Best Online Survey Apps

With online surveys, we can respond in groups of five or more people based on previously defined options. This way we will avoid the noise generated by writing all at the same time giving our opinion. Instead, you pick an option and you’re done.

Below we list four applications for Android that will help you create WhatsApp surveys. The first integrates them in conversations. You can use the rest both on WhatsApp and on other social networks or communication apps. In this list, it is worth remembering Polls for WhatsApp. A web page that you can open on your smartphone to create WhatsApp surveys.


Instantly generated WhatsApp surveys. Voliz allows you to configure your own survey with multiple responses. Then you send them to the WhatsApp group you want and, go ahead, to receive the answers. It is also used for specific contacts, distribution lists, etc.

Among other advantages, whoever responds to the survey does not need to install the application. Only who believes it. The results can be public, that is, visible to all respondents, or private, only visible to you. Besides working with WhatsApp, it is also compatible with WhatsApp Business, Facebook or Telegram.

Voliz can be used to create satisfaction surveys, opinion polls, question and answer games or surveys to get the opinion of friends and acquaintances.


Making a play on words with the English word poll, a survey in Spanish, Pollie allows us to generate polls from WhatsApp and from any application with which we want to share it.


A simple question with several responses, an image illustrating the survey, vote limit, survey expiration date, responses created by the respondents themselves… The available options are varied.

Through the app, we generate the survey. Then you can share it on WhatsApp or other apps. Those who want to answer, just have to click on the corresponding link. In the end, you will get the answers, which you can share or not.


Although it is not related to WhatsApp, Doodle is one of the most popular surveys and polling services. Partly because of its ease of use. You can create your online surveys from the web or from your iPhone and Android applications. It also integrates with applications such as Slack, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Doodle is specialized in surveys that serve to agree on an ideal date for meetings or informal get-togethers. That is, the possible answers are usually days and hours.

Each user who responds can indicate one or more options, add a comment, etc. In the results, we will see the responses of each one and we will see which is the most accepted option in the WhatsApp group or any other app to communicate with you.

Poll For All

Another practical app for creating online surveys is Poll For All. Once created, you can send them to WhatsApp, Facebook, by email, etc.

One of its peculiarities is that it supports all kinds of surveys, adapted to the information you want to obtain or the type of questions you want to ask. Several options to choose from, images and integrated links, dates …

Poll For All does not require registration to create online surveys. It also does not require registration to answer them. In addition, they can be opened in any browser and device.

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