How to Block a Website On The Router

The web is made up of endless pages and contents, not all of which are uplifting or help productivity. For example, in many offices and public office networks, Facebook and other social networks are blocked. We’ve already talked about how employees get around the block and what can be done to still access unavailable resources.

Block a Website On The Router

In this article, however, we go to the other side of the fence. We will see how to block a website for any reason (protect our children from adult content, limit the use of a service such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.) by acting mainly on the router of our internet connection.

Block a Site Via a Router

To block access to a site, the most effective way is to do it through the router. This way, none of the devices connected to that network will be able to access it.

Doing so is quite simple, you have to make sure you are connected via LAN or WiFi and enter the address “” or “192.168 in the address bar of your browser (the program you use to navigate Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari). .0.1 “(without quotation marks). These are usually the most common addresses for home routers. If neither of the two turns out to be the address of your router, it will be sufficient to find out through this short procedure.

  • On Windows click on Start, type “cmd” without quotes and press the “Enter” key on the keyboard. The console will open and you will have to enter the command ” ipconfig ” (always without quotes), and press ” Enter “. At this point various white writings will appear, the address of your router should be next to the item “Default gateway”. In my case, it is
  • On Mac and Linux, just open the terminal and use the “ ifconfig ” command (always without quotes) and check the address next to the gateway line.

Once you reach the router, the bulk of the configuration comes. You must log in with your credentials (username and password) if you have not changed them you can find them on the router itself or in its manual.

Once logged in, we will need to find the page dedicated to blocking websites. It is found in many routers (but unfortunately not in all) and, depending on the manufacturer, the path is different. In the case of the Zytel router, supplied by Wind-Infostrada, the option is called “Parental Control” and is particularly advanced: it can also deny internet access from some devices, based on the time, as well as blocking a list of Web sites.

As mentioned, on other routers the option for blocking web pages is often less advanced or is sometimes absent. Where present, it is often referred to as “Website Control” or “Web Filter”.

Going back to the option on the Zytel router, reaching it is simple

Block A WebSite

  • Press the menu button (which is located at the top right of the interface)
  • Then select the item “Security” and then the “Parental Control”

On the page, the administrator can establish specific rules for each of the connected devices.

To create a new rule, just click on the “Add new PCP” button (PCP should stand for Parental Control Plan).

On the configuration page “Add new PCP” you can enter the name of the plan. From a special drop-down menu, you can choose which device will be subject to the block. Then it will be up to set the rules, the times in which access is possible and below you can set the blocks for some services (such as Xbox Live) or to specific websites.

Once the configuration is complete, which is quite simple, to save the plan you have to click on the “OK” button at the bottom. Finally, to ensure that the rules are followed in the “Family Filter” page, make sure that the check is put on “Enable” and click on “Apply”.

Obviously, to delete or change a rule, just reconnect to the router and go to the same page. To unlock all the devices it will not be necessary to delete the plans but it will be sufficient to make sure that the tick is put on “Disable” and press on “Apply”.

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