NFC Tag Reader for Android and iOS

The connectivity NFC is an increasingly popular standard in smartphones and many other devices that affect our daily lives. On this site, we have dealt with this topic several times, and in particular, we have seen what an NFC Tag is, how it works and on which devices it is possible to find it.

NFC Tag Reader for Android and iOS

Today, however, we will focus on NFC tag readers for Android and iOS, going in particular to analyze some applications useful for performing interesting tasks thanks to these small gadgets.

NFC tag: what can be done

Through NFC tags and interaction with smart assistants and certain devices, it is possible to perform very special operations; in detail, the area that benefits most from this technology is that of automation.

Through any smartphone (equipped with NFC) and its readers, it will be possible to perform automatic tasks when the device interacts with another or device or with an NFC tag.

For example, imagine having one of these gadgets on the bedside table in the bedroom; in the evening you could think of placing your smartphone on it and automatically making sure that all the sounds of the phone are changed or an alarm is activated.

Even more useful and special functions concern the interaction with smart appliances, appliances, or gadgets (for example Wi-Fi cameras, smart light bulbs, gates, but also speakers or Bluetooth headsets) which in turn are compatible with smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

In fact, with some applications (IFTTT the most famous), it will be possible to exploit these features and combine them with NFC technology; for example, you can turn off a smart socket before going to bed, simply through the interaction between the smartphone and an NFC device.

Best NFC tag readers for Smartphones and Tablets

As for more basic functions, you should know that there are hundreds of tools that allow you to take advantage of this connectivity; in this paragraph in particular I will show you the best NFC tag readers for Android and iOS, which will allow you to perform operations that could prove to be very useful and comfortable.

NFC Tools for Android devices

One of the most recommended applications for Android when it comes to NFC is undoubtedly NFC Tools.
This is a very popular (and above all free) app that allows you to perform some operations related to this connectivity; once NFC is activated on your Android smartphone and brought closer to your tag, you can in fact make really interesting interactions.

 Android NFC Apps

Here are those reported by the developers:

  • configure a sound profile: silent / vibrate / normal;
  • activate / deactivate / Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, car mode;
  • change the brightness;
  • set volume levels (media, alarms, notifications, ringtone);
  • set to stopwatch;
  • launch an app;
  • open a URL;
  • send an SMS or make a call;
  • read a text aloud with the text reader;
  • set up a Wi-Fi network.

Commands for iOS devices

As for iOS, one of the best solutions to perform tasks with NFC on iPhone is to rely directly on the Commands app (integrated on Apple devices). In fact, once you have opened the latter, just go to the Automation item and perform the operations that interest you most. I remind you that the NFC compatible iPhones are currently all those following the X line (iPhone X and later); as a result, if you have an older iPhone model, you may not be able to use this feature.

Where to buy NFC TAGs

At a truly ridiculous price, you can buy small adhesive NFC tags to configure with the apps indicated above. I remember that the TAGs can be read from a maximum distance of 4 / 10cm, so you can use the adhesive function to position them even under the top of a table or desk to trigger automation.

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