Best Free Podcasts for Language Learners

Did you know that 81% of children between two and five years old spend between 5 and 10 hours a week studying a foreign language, especially English? Check this it is not uncommon, since nowadays it is an essential requirement for any job and for this reason, parents place a lot of weight on foreign language studies. Even 59% of children study two languages ​​that are not their mother tongue.

Podcasts for Language Learners

Experts recommend that, especially at an early age, children learn English in a fun way by playing or watching playful content prepared by native speakers. Both seeing pictures and listening to stories are wonderful ways to learn the language, but also to assimilate cultural concepts or enjoy the music of another country.

But experts also warn that, if we use mobile phones or television to present content in English, we should not expose them to the screens for more than 30 minutes. Therefore, you have to look for other alternatives to hook them with playful content without a screen in between. But luckily, we have the perfect alternative! Podcasts for children in English are a fun, entertaining, and creative way for our little ones to enjoy stories in English told by native speakers. And, if you have the Movistar Home device at home, you can easily access all the iVoox podcasts for children in English, since the device has the iVoox content and radio integrated.

The most listened to podcasts for children in English

Many times we go crazy looking for suitable content in both Spanish and English for children of different ages at home. So we leave you a selection of podcasts in English to start promoting “Listening” in a fun way.

Listen and Play

podcasts to help you learn a language

This podcast aimed at the youngest members of the household is a BBC program to learn English. It is suitable for toddlers with a low level of English because it introduces basic terms such as farm animals with short and easy-to-understand stories.

Each episode includes rhymes, nursery rhymes, and stories. Also, the music and sounds are lovingly chosen. Here the little ones become protagonists listening to sounds and guessing what they represent.

Circle round

This podcast was created by parents of young children and is aimed at ages four to ten. The stories are based on folk tales from different cultures adapted to a modern and diverse audience. They are counted in American English slowly so that the little ones can understand it, although we must emphasize here that the content was originally designed for native children in English, so our children must have an intermediate level to understand it.

Each episode is created in great detail and even features famous voices and a great musical selection. They are not simply counted but include dialogue with different voices and additional sounds. Each story ends with a question so that you can talk with the little ones about the story and thus have a natural conversation in the foreign language. Also, they put a lot of focus on learning important values ​​such as kindness.

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